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Customer Favorites

Suya Plate

Our mouth watering grilled Suya is beef marinated for over 24 hours then grilled slowly. With every bite you will enjoy the savory undeniable authentic taste of real Nigerian Suya. Served with Onions and Suya Pepper for those that like a extra kick (Spice) to the meat.

Nigerian Jollof Rice
Puff -Puffs
African Soups

Jollof Rice is eating at every party where the host is west African. Every West African country has its own version, which each of those countries making claim to making the best Jollof Rice however we all know Nigeria does it the best! This is considered to be a Favorite for all Africans and Non Africans. Traditionally the basic ingredients are Long Grain Rice, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Oil, and Spices. The ingredients are simple but when combined in just the right way, it will instantly become your favorite!

Puff-Puffs are often eaten as a snack, after a meal as dessert, or even for breakfast.

Egusi Soup pictured above by far is one of our most popular soups. Other favorite soups include and not limited too are Vegetable Soup, Bitter Leaf Soup, Afang Soup and Ofada Soup.


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